2022 SWOT Oceanography Cloud Workshop

Virtual workshop on accessing & analyzing simulated SWOT L2 SSH data hosted in Earthdata Cloud


This Workshop is hosted by NASA PO.DAAC and supported by the NASA Physical Oceanography office, with additional support from NASA Openscapes.


Image edited from https://swot.jpl.nasa.gov/resources/87/artists-impression-of-the-swot-satellite/

Welcome to the 2022 SWOT Oceanography Cloud Workshop hosted by the Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC), with support provided by the NASA Physical Oceanography Office and NASA Openscapes.

The workshop will take place virtually daily March 16 and 17, 2022 from 9am-1pm PST / 12pm-4pm EST (UTC-6). Invited participants will receive a signup link via email.


Workshop Goal The goal of the workshop is to get ready for Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) and enable the (oceanography) science team to be ready for processing and handling the large volumes of SWOT SSH data in the cloud. Learning objectives focus on how to access the simulated SWOT L2 SSH data from Earthdata Cloud either by downloading or accessing the data on the cloud. PO.DAAC is the NASA archive for the SWOT mission, and once launched will be making data available via the NASA Earthdata Cloud, hosted in AWS.

Workshop Description The workshop has two main components: (1) Pre-event materials will be shared ahead of the workshop and will cover how to access and download cloud-archived simulated SWOT L2 SSH data from the Earthdata Cloud. This material can be found under Logistics - Prerequisites & Homework section of this website. (2) At the workshop, the focus will be on in-could workflows, where no data download is required and data analysis can take place next to the data in the cloud. During the “hacking” time at the workshop participants can choose to employ the “download and analyze locally” or the “in-cloud analysis” paradigm for working with the simulated SWOT L2 SSH data. For the in-cloud workflows, cloud accounts will be provided for the workshop. PO.DAAC will provide necessary tech support during the hands-on “hacking” time.

Workshop Outcomes At the end of the two days, participants should be able to access the simulated SWOT L2 SSH data that is archived in the NASA EArthdata Cloud (hosted in AWS) and at minimum, subset and plot a time series of their favorite region, if not more. Participants are encouraged to coordinate amongst their respective SWOT ST project to figure out who will be attending. If the project would like more than one person to attend that is welcomed, just note that as a project you will need to agree on what use case you want to work on. Even if the team members amongst the project are cloud savvy, it is still strongly recommended that there is a representative attending, as this workshop will specifically be covering the SWOT simulated data.


2022 SWOT Oceanography Cloud Workshop is hosted by NASA’s PO.DAAC with support from NASA Physical Oceanography Office and the NASA Openscapes Project, with cloud computing infrastructure by 2i2c.